Big Data Insights | Crunching big data
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About Us

Big Data Insights is a software development company with great passion for creating high quality software. We love challenges and most importantly, we love helping our clients to streamline their business by delivering innovative solutions.

Who We Are

We are a team of 30 experienced and devoted software engineers, data engineers and IT consultants. What drives us to continuously improve is accomplishing our customer’s objectives.

What We Do

We provide a full spectrum of software engineering services to companies in various industries and we’re always looking forward to new opportunities.

How We Do It

Proven software engineering principles underlie all our design and development practices. We integrate the customer in every step of the way to ensure a product that truly satisfies the requirements.


Mobile and web App Development

Transform your business with high-value applications developed by our experts and built just for you. We will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle.


We support customers’ IT initiatives by providing help with software development, implementation, administration and software support, as well as strategic, architectural and operational planning.

Enterprise Application Integration

Refine high-level business processes that involve different departments, applications and data sources without applying excessive application or data structure changes.

Data and Analytics

We have extensive experience in organizing and curating big data, while transforming it into valuable and actionable insights that create tangible outcomes.

Customer contact center

We provide customer care, technical support, sales and marketing activities by using appropriate channels of communication to enable interactions that create value for the customer and company.

Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support services that enable your entire system to run smoothly and reliably, while your team stays focused on business opportunities and challenges.


We know how to efficiently combine legacy and innovation to address your business challenges with the right technology. Our software and data engineers can quickly adopt emerging programming technologies in order to execute the most ambitious projects and deliver the results. We develop web, server, desktop, and mobile applications for any given operating system. The use of languages like Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Python, Objective C, and Swift allows us to develop reliable solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain. Our data engineers have an ample experience with various SQL and NoSQL databases, as well as other technologies for curating and organizing data. Big Data Insights can take your business concepts to a whole new level by leveraging the best development practices and available technology.

Our Company Experts

Siniša Grgić
CEO and Founder
Szabolcs Pál
Lead Data Engineer
Ákos Kőműves
Lead Front End Engineer
Dušan Terzić
Senior iOS Engineer
Jelena Nadaški
Project Manager
Tatjana Brzak
Senior Software Engineer
Saša Vender
Software Architect